Tornados carve destruction in OK

So yeah... if you read the title, you should obviously be able to tell what this is about. Here in Oklahoma, a tornado that is estimated to be worse than the May 3rd tornado. It took Moore, OK  down bit by bit. The Warren, OK's movie theatre, has the biggest IMAX screen in the U.S. It was torn down to shreds. :\ My old elementary school was collapsed but kids barely made in into the cellar. Officials are currently digging them out. As of this time, there are 24 fatalities. God bless the parents of the kids. My old neighborhood- gone. All my childhood memories are all I have left of my house, church, and school. A few family friends are dead, and we are SO sad.

Here is a video of one of the many tornadoes.

Carney, OK, Tornado - 5-19-13 - YouTube

And for any of you OK residents, I feel your pain.